At the heart of a tod neighbourhood

Transit-oriented development (TOD), an eco-responsible concept

Les Tours Saint-Martin are located in a TOD neighbourhood aimed at promoting the use of public transit and carpooling. A bus stop leading directly to the Montmorency metro station is located a few meters from the building. The bus trip takes less than ten minutes!

Wanting to encourage its citizens to use greener modes of transport, the City of Laval allows users to ride the 360 bus line free of charge during evenings and weekends. This bus stops directly in front of our building. Visit the STL website for more information.

In addition, the Centropolis, a cross roads for gatherings, entertainment and shopping, is located just a short walk away.

Serenity in the heart of the city

Choose the best of both worlds

On one hand, you live in a reinforced concrete construction which reduces the ambient city noise. Each unit is soundproofed to offer peace and privacy. When you get to the roof, you are surrounded by vegetation: an oasis hundreds of feet above the urban jungle. Finally, when you walk between the buildings, or simply look out your window, there is a majestic garden.

On the other hand, you live in downtown Laval. All the services you need are available in the vicinity: the Centropolis, Carrefour Laval and Place Bell. You will have plenty of places to discover near your home.

Nearby Carré Laval

Proximity to an innovative large-scale project

Laval’s downtown is constantly developing and the innovative Carré Laval project, which will be located on the site of the former Lagacé quarry, is its very proof. This carbon-neutral innovation zone, located just a few steps from the Tours Saint-Martin, will not only host a high-tech ecosystem, but will also be a car-free place to enjoy a body of water over 500,000 feet square and a huge urban park. The rental of a Tours Saint-Martin condo unit will be much sought after because of its proximity to this fantastic project!

Own a car? No problem!

  • Private indoor and outdoor parking monitored by cameras
  • 220 parking spaces for 145 units in Phase 1
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Proximity to highways 13, 15 and 440
  • Access to Montreal via 5 bridges (Médéric Martin [3 minutes], Viau [10 minutes], Lachapelle [10 minutes], Papineau-Leblanc [10 minutes] and Louis Bisson [20 minutes])

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